Pastor's Blog - 2012





Merry & Bright

December at Daybreak!  So much excitement and at the center of it we focus on the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.


Our Kidzone kids have just spent a day at the Salvation Army Family Shelter in Pottstown doing Christmas crafts and sharing cookies they baked and decorated themselves.  What a joy to share good times with our neighbors!


This week our kids are also busy preparing for the Christmas program this Sunday, December 19th.  They will reenact the story of the birth of Baby Jesus.  Our children are a very important part of our Daybreak congregation and we are looking forward to their program.  We never fail to learn something new through our children's eyes.


We look forward to the finishing our Essential 100 Bible reading plan this month and celebrating its completion on December 30.  These 100 days of reading have reaffirmed our commitment to put God's word at the center of our lives.


Our Worship Team continues to rehearse every Tuesday evening at the Daybreak Den and are busy selecting new music to incorporate into our Sunday worship time in the coming year.  I hope you all are as eager as I am to see what they come up with.  If you have any suggestions, now or at any time, please forward them to John Courchesne, our Worship Team leader.


Our theme for the Christmas Season this year is Merry and Bright to emphasize the joy and light that comes into our lives every day of the year from the grace and love of our heavenly Father and the forgiveness we all receive through His Son, Jesus Christ.


My family and I all wish you a joyous and blessed Christmas Season!


-Pastor Dave

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