What to Expect

Daybreak is a place to belong, marked by open & honest conversations. We share our real-life struggles, joys, highs, lows, tears, and laughter just like a FAMILY. You’ll find support and compassionate care as you walk through life’s events. Life Groups are available for Bible Study, prayer, encouragement, and serving opportunities. Kids of all ages participate in fun programs simultaneous with the teaching time each Sunday. 

New to Daybreak? Well then expect to have FUN! The services are unpredictable and memorable. There is no dress code. Enjoy donuts & coffee! Participate in women’s lunches, men’s breakfast & golf, family baseball/hockey outings, picnics, volleyball, and much more! When was the last time you said church was fun??

There’s no doubt about it, Daybreak is a FRIENDLY place! We mean it when we say, Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here! You’ll be greeted when you arrive and folks will say "Hi" and let you know how thrilled we are that you chose to visit! We believe that the church is not about the building—but it’s about the people! It’s you! Whether you’re young or old, rich or poor, married, single or divorced  We really mean it when we say, Welcome!

On Sunday Mornings...

You can expect a 60- to 70-minute worship service that will literally fly by! Each week is a little different but you can always expect some high energy worship led by the live praise band and practical teaching from Pastor Dave. Pastor Dave's message covers a single segment in a message series that spans several weeks. You’ll leave challenged in some way to do something with what you’ve heard from the Bible. Frequently, we’ll use movie clips, songs, props, take-home items, and other creative ways to drive home the big idea for the day. Don’t forget about the free coffee … an excuse to hang around and make a new friend


We invite you to visit our Past Messages page to listen to past messages and view past worship programs.

Here's some more info you might find helpful: 

  • We meet at the Community Music School, 775 W. Main St., Trappe, PA 19426. Worship starts at 9:30 am so you might want to arrive a few minutes early to grab refreshments and mingle for a bit.
  • If you have kids, we’ll find you! Our greeting team will direct you where to go and will help you get your kids signed in.  Kids are seated with their parents during the first part of the service for worship music. Kids will be dismissed to their classes about halfway through the service. We’ll tell you when. You’re welcome to help take them back to their classes if you’d like.
  • Feel free to help yourself to a cup of coffee. No kidding!
  • Relax. Find a seat. As you wait, fill out a Connection Card that’s on your chair and place it in the basket at our Information Table on your way out. Also, on your way out be sure to grab a welcome bag that has a free gift inside just for you!
  • If you know the songs, sing out loud and clap your hands if you’d like! If not it’s cool!  We project the lyrics to the songs on the big screen so feel free to hum along.
  • When we take the offering don’t feel obligated to participate. Enjoy the service as our gift to you!


Ready to take the next step? We have more information about Next Steps if you'd like to become a regular part of the Daybreak experience.