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BOLT VBS for Kids






Hi Parents!


We've been invited by our friends at Parker Ford Church for a virtual summer VBS! Invite some friends, neighbor kids and engage in this "Backyard Bible Club" type of VBS. Aydric & Anders are looking forward to it! How about you? 


BOLT will be happening July 26-28. With minimal preparation, easy to follow instructions, and a video that leads you and your kids step by step through each of the 3 days, BOLT is designed for you to perform with your family at home. It is so simple. During Bolt, your family will participate in fun games that illustrate what it means to listen to and focus on Jesus. The videos are really fun and engaging. There are memory verses, fun music, and an origami folding craft on each day. BOLT VBS is for ages 4 and up. 


In order to provide you a kit with most of the things you will need for the 3 days of VBS, you must register by July 9. We will let you know when the kits are ready for pick up. To register, please follow the link below. Feel free to share the registration link with families, neighbors, and friends. All of them can benefit from our virtual VBS! 




After registering, stay tuned as you will receive an email with a guide for parents and leaders with simple step by step instructions to use BOLT. Get your family excited about BOLT. This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!


If any questions, please contact Brandi Russell at





Serving a Meal

Daybreak Church was able to shine the light of Jesus by serving a few hungry men and women in our community. We partnered with Ministries on Main Street again by helping serve an evening meal to some homeless in Pottstown for 5 nights in February. There were about 25 different people from Daybreak that prepared and served these meals. This experience was once again not only a blessing to those at the shelter but more so to those who helped serve. There was a rich time of sharing and reflection the following Sunday during the worship service at Daybreak. We post this here not to brag or boast about our care for the needy. Jesus was clear, that should never be one’s motive (Matthew 6:1-4). But part of Daybreak’s mission is to serve others and shine out Jesus’s light – so this is an opportunity to say, we are on mission! Thanks again to all who helped serve!