A Psalm of Praise

A Psalm of Praise

Written by the Daybreak congregation on 11.29.2020

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1 All praise to you, my King.

You alone are true and faithful.

My praises rise to you – the only one who understand me. 


2 Praise the Lord for my family & good health.

Praise the Lord for my job and all He provides. 


3 Praise the Lord for His unfailing love and justice carried out on this world. 

He is great and powerful, the greatest being to be with everlasting and for an eternity! 


4 Praise the Lord,

my pride is broken, 

my striving ceased as I grow in Christ my fears released.


5 Praise the Lord for and with joyous hearts 

We lift them up to receive His grace.


6 Praise our father in Heaven! 

For His care and protection, for His constant love and concern for us thru the most trying of times. Give Him praise! Thank you Jesus! 


7 (a haiku for our Lord) 


Thankfulness, Hope

Praise with our lives from generation to generation

Promises, Life



8 Let praise for the Lord be lifted as high as heaven and as wide as the seas. 

Let all life praise Him. Praise Him in all things with a joyous and humble heart. 


9 Praise the Lord for His wisdom and love.

Praise Him for allowing hardships for a purpose.

Praise Him for being steadfast and sure in His love for us.


10 Praise God who makes the warm sun shine!

Praise Him who makes the garden grow.

Praise God who provides everything we need and more!


11 Praise the Lord for His strength & wisdom He has given me. 

All the blessings in the last couple years. 


12 Praise Him for all the kindness in the world.

Praise Him for the families that are sticking together. 


13 Praise Him in the good times and the bad! 


14 Praise the Lord for His unconditional love and never ending blessing He gives every day. 


15 Praise Him for a loving and supporting family.


16 Praise God for always loving, always forgiving, and never giving up on us.


17 Praise the Lord because He is not uncertain but can be 100% trusted. He keeps every single one of His promises. Praise God for His faithfulness. 


18 I praise You for the night sky. The phases of the moon. The stars set perfectly in the sky. A chance to see a planet with my naked eye. The night sky is one of the greatest witnesses to me that you are God and how great You are. 


19 Praise Him for the people He brings around us to give us happiness. 


20 Praise God in every home, 

Praise Him with every voice.


21 Praise You, our almighty God for Your sovereignty and love shown to us by your gift of Christ. 


22 Praise the Lord for the warmth of the sun, for sunrises over water. Praise Him for the laughter of children, the love of family. 


23 Praise Him all you people as we awake this new day. Feel the coolness of the morning and see the new sun. Praise Him for a new day full of choices and experiences. Praise Him. 


24 Praise Him for family, for shelter, for friends, for good health, and for awesome neighbors!