Jesus revealed His character, purpose, and identity through seven dynamic “I AM” statements in the Gospel according to John. During this season of Lent leading up to Easter Sunday, we will be unpacking each one of these declarations and seeing how Jesus intersects with our lives. 

March 1 – “The Door of the Sheep”

In our culture, there seems to be many doors to various powers and gods; yet Jesus boldly declares that He is the door. A relationship with God is possible only through Jesus.

John 10:7, 9


March 8 – “The Good Shepherd”

As our Good Shepherd, Jesus guides, protects, and provides for us as His sheep.

John 10:11, 14, Psalm 23


March 15 – “The Light of the World”

Tired of the darkness & evil around us? Look to Jesus, who reveals our hope with His brilliant light.

John 8:12, 9:5


March 22 – “The True Vine”

How do we stay “on-vine” and connected to Jesus? 

John 15:1


March 29 – “The Bread of Life”

Grab a slice of the One who can truly satisfy and who is essential for eternal life.

John 6:35, 48, 51


April 5 – “The Way the Truth, the Life”

On this Palm Sunday, we’ll zoom in on each of these 3 descriptions of Jesus. These words may just change your life!

John 14:6

Palm Sunday


April 12 – “The Resurrection & the Life”

On this Easter Sunday, hurry again to the empty tomb and discover that the Resurrection is not an event – it’s a person!

John 11:25

Easter Sunday!