The Characters of Christmas

The original cast from that first Christmas … a very unlikely, ordinary group of peculiar people waiting expectantly for the arrival of their Messiah and King. This Christmas at Daybreak, we’ll catch up with these folks as told in the ancient Scriptures and see how their stories intersect with ours. See the difference that Jesus made in the lives of people such as Zechariah and Elizabeth, the Shepherds, May and Joseph, and more.

December 15 – “Family Skeletons”

God’s plans are bigger than our mistakes and He invites each one of us to become part of His family.
Matthew 1:1-17, John 1:12


December 22 – “Shepherds”

God isn’t looking for the best and brightest but instead those who receive and respond to His glory.
Luke 2:8-20


December 24 – “Mary & Joseph”


Matthew 1:18-25, Proverbs 19:21
Christmas Eve Service
Candlelight / Worship
Christmas cookies afterward


December 29 – “Zechariah & Elizabeth”

Luke 1
Family Service