The Epistle of James - A Faith That Works


Jesus’ half-brother writes to a community of faith that was struggling and also suffering. These ancient insights, reminders, & teachings are incredible timely for us today! Discover a faith that is operable and alive as we follow Jesus! Join us for this new series beginning May 19!

May 19 – “Trials & Temptations”  

As followers of Jesus, we will face trials and temptations in this world which will test our faith. Find out how enduring adversity can actually lead to joy.

James 1:1-18


May 26 – “Listening & Doing” 

True religion is faith in action. We'll have some fun with this truth during our family service this holiday weekend.

Memorial Day Weekend
Family Service

James 1:19-27


June 2 – “Judgement & Mercy”

James 2:1-13

June 9 – “Faith & Works”

James 2:14-26

June 16 – “Blessings & Curses”

Father’s Day
James 3:1-12


June 23 – “Arrogant & Humble” 

James 4

June 30 – “Faithful & Faithless”

James 5:13-18