The obstacles in our life can feel like mountains. We often think of Scriptures that talk about moving mountains; but sometimes we’re not supposed to move the mountain…we’re supposed to climb it. Join us as we see what happens on the mountains!

January 20 – “Mountain of New Beginnings”

Mount Ararat – story of Noah, righteous living, Noahic Covenant, new beginnings

Will you follow in the steps of Noah and walk faithfully with your God in 2019?
Scripture: Genesis 6-8, 8:4 


January 27 – “Mountain of Testing”

Mount Moriah


February 3 – “Mountain of God’s Story & Glory”  

Mount Pisgah/Mt. Nebo


February 10 – “Mountain of Choice & Chase”

Mount Carmel


February 17 – “Mountain of Glory”

Mount Hermon / Mount Tabor


February 24 – “Mountain of Commission”

Mount of Olives