The God Questions

How do I know God is real? Is there really only one way to heaven? We’ve all grappled with these questions and others like them. The good news is…there are answers!


Invite someone to join you! Whether you grew up in church, or are new to your faith, or are questioning what you believe in, this is a great opportunity to ask your toughest questions and discover real answers.

September 9 – “Is God Real?”

Join us as we examine various arguments and tackle this first question! 
Scripture: Psalm 19


September 16 – “Is the Bible True?”

We’ll sort this out as we discover what makes the Bible so unique and wrestle with whether we can really trust this all-time best-selling book.
Scripture: Proverbs 30:5-6


September 23 – “Do All Roads Lead to Heaven?”

Each of the top 10 World Religions makes that claim but there is one important difference that sets Christianity apart from all others …  
Scripture: John 14:6; Matthew 7:13–14; Acts 4:12


September 30 – “How Can a Good God Allow Suffering?”

Suffering, pain, and evil are real. We know it all too well. As we grapple with this difficult question, may we find renewed grace, comfort and hope from a loving God who never wastes a moment of pain. 
Scripture: John 16:33

October 7 – “Which is Right?”

How did the world come to be – evolution or creation? Why does it matter? 
Scripture: Genesis 1


October 14 – “What Will Heaven Be Like?”

We’ll unearth as many details from Scripture as we can – the location, landscape, foods, work, marriage, time, housing, bodies, angels, & more!
Scripture: Revelation 21:1–22:5


October 21 – “Looking For Stars: Monica’s Story”

Guest Speaker: Monica Lanigan 

Description: Monica will be sharing about the inspiration behind her recent book and God’s direction in her life.

Romans 8:28