Wisdom That Works



Proverbs has so much to teach us about our day-to-day lives. Ready to increase your IQ for everyday life? Join us this fall for “Wisdom that Works” based on the book of Proverbs!

October 9: “Intro to Proverbs & The 31 Day Challenge”

Get ready for a fun journey through Proverbs!


October 16: “Wisdom for Families”

Godly wisdom for raising kids through every age & stage.




October 23: “Chase the Lion”

Chase the dream that is destined to fail without divine intervention.

October 30: “Wisdom for Money”

Wealth isn't about an amount of money, but our attitude towards it!


November 6: “Wisdom to Guide Us” 

In this year’s election, what are some principles from Proverbs that can help us in the voting booth?


November 13: “Wisdom for Relationships”

Use our words to bless and not burn others.