Ruth - A Story of Love and Redemption

The story of Ruth is a fascinating tale of romance, intrigue, loss, redemption, and ultimately of faith. Join us these 4 weeks as we journey alongside Ruth and Naomi on a path from heartbreak to hope. Along the way we’ll learn much about what God wants to redeem in our lives if we’ll make wise choices with our emotions and faith-filled actions.

September 11 - “Alone & Empty”

Ruth 1
In times of tragedy and loss, how do we properly grieve?


September 18 - “Provision at Work”

Ruth 2
Learning to work hard and trust God’s provision when times are lean and uncertain.


September 25 - “Redeemed Romance”

Ruth 3:1-4:12
Whether you are married, single or single again, come explore aspects of redeemed romance.


October 2 - “Becoming Bitter or Better”

Ruth 4:13-22
How do we make this switch? Learning how our choices affect others?