You Asked For It


We all have questions. Are the recent shootings and terror attacks a sign of the end times? Should Christians play Pokémon Go? Is it okay for a Christian not to vote? What does God think about suicide, transgender, & Powerball? This summer, “You Asked For It” is your chance to find answers to the questions you’ve been asking.

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July 24: “Your End Times”

Reflections on the end of the world, the afterlife and what happens to us, our pets, and our loved ones when we die.


July 31: “Your End Times” - Part 2


August 7: Worship Concert

It’s about Jesus. Join us for a worship celebration!
Communion & Family Service


August 14: “Did God really say _____?” 

Distinguishing God’s voice & clearing up some misquoting of God’s words. 

August 21: “Gray Matters”


Helping us identify & wrestle with issues where the Bible is silent.  Handout is available-->