Praying BOLDLY. Praying DARINGLY. Believing God can do all we ask or imagine and is always listening. Warning: these prayers might just change your life!

June 12 – “Search Me” 

Asking God to reveal & remove the junk on the inside of us.
Psalm 139:23-34



June 19 - "That's My Dad!"


Join us this Father’s Day as we unpack the elements of Christian fatherhood.

1 Corinthians 16:13-14

"Dare God, " (Cont'd)

June 26 – “Break Me”

Pouring out our weaknesses and finding strength in God alone.
Mark 14:3-24

Baptism and Picnic after Service


July 3 – “Send Me”

Where do you think God might be sending you? How does this work? Join us this July 4th weekend for a family service that may just change the trajectory of your life!
Jonah 1:2-3, Exodus 3:10-11, Isaiah 6:1-8
Family Service


July 10 – “God, I Want to Know You”

Guest speaker: Chris Honeycutt
Eph 1:17, Phil 3:8, Col 1:9-10