Thankfully with Jesus, failure isn't final. It’s not the end of your story. Find out how to heal and recover your identity in Christ after a #FAIL.

November 1 – “The Sound of Failure”

‘3 strikes and you’re out’ isn’t compatible with God’s grace. Be encouraged by how God can give you a fresh start after an epic fail. 
Luke 22:31-34, 54-62, John 21:3-19


November 8 – “Marking Failure”  

Genesis 4, Hebrews 11:1-5
Even though we may turn our back on God, He never turns His back on us.
Prayer Focus (36-Hour Prayer Watch concludes)


November 15 – “Chief Failure”  

Acts 7:58-8:3, 9:1-9
A sweet grace that changes everything – even a person’s official name. 

November 22 – “Second Time” 

Jonah 3
God’s grace in the do-overs of life.

NOT part of the message series

November 29 – “Who Am I in Christ?”


Grappling with our true identity

Guest Speaker: Courage Dhliwayo