When God Seems Unfair

The story of Habakkuk...

You see it every single day - be it online, in the news, or across the street. Innocent people suffering. Injustice. War. The big guys taking advantage of the little guys. Do you ever feel like God is just not fair? This August, discover how an ancient Bible prophet can inspire a modern day faith in God’s promises.

August 9 – “Gone God”  

Why does a good God allow so much bad in our world?
Habakkuk 1, James 1:2-4

August 16 – “Your Approximate Wait Time”   

God appreciates our patience but prayers on hold can leave us frustrated and discouraged. Why does God make us wait?
Habakkuk 2, Psalm 37:7, Hebrews 11:1

August 23 – “Defiant Faith” 

Worshipping and trusting in God EVEN IF our circumstances don’t change.
Habakkuk 3, Daniel 3:17-18, 25-27