Juicy Fruit

There are 9 flavorful qualities of life that God’s Spirit produces in us as we’re connected with Him. This Spring, we’ll be taking a bite into these juicy fruits and sampling the delicious results of producing this kind of fruit in our everyday lives.

Galatians 5:22-23

May 10 – Love

Fruit: Strawberries
Mother’s Day
Looking at the first juicy fruit of LOVE. As we define love, we’ll realize that no person can do this completely, only God can.

Galatians 5, Romans 5, 1 Corinthians 13


May 17 – Joy

Fruit: Pineapples
Is your joy … full? Joy isn’t necessarily getting what you want but is instead appreciating what you already have.

Job 6:10, Psalm 30:5 & others.


May 24 – Peace

Fruit: Peaches

Peace is more than the absence of violence.  Learn how God's Spirit can produce peace in our lives that sweetens our everyday relationships and nourishes our souls.

Romans 12:18
Family Service – No KidZone
Memorial Day Weekend


May 31 – Patience

Fruit: Bananas

Expecting things to happen at the speed of light; frustrated when God often moves as the speed of a seed.
James 5:7


June 7 – Kindness

Fruit: Oranges

More than a single, isolated action, this fruit of kindness is a constant awareness and obedience to the promptings of God’s Spirit within us to care for those around us.
Luke 6:31-36


June 14 – Goodness

Fruit: Pears

For goodness’ sake … we’ll explore how this fruit at its core is energized character that strategically, systematically, and prayerfully pushes back the darkness of the world so that the light of Christ can shine through.
Matthew 25:14-30, Luke 6:27-31


June 21 – Faithfulness

Fruit: Apples

Faithfulness is divine repetition. It’s not just doing good. It’s doing good. It’s doing good. Discover how this fruit of faithfulness is a loop of love. Joy on repeat. A pattern of patience. Reprises of kindness. Reoccurrences of goodness.
Matthew 16:21-26
Father’s Day

June 28 – Gentleness

Fruit: Grapes

Don’t squish the grapes! Learning about the spirit of gentleness and handling people and situations with care and grace. 
Matthew 11:28-30, Philippians 4:5
No KidZone


July 5 – Self-Control

Fruit: Watermelon

Don’t eat too much watermelon this holiday weekend! Yes, we’ll conclude the series by learning how to make decisions against yourself.
Philippians 2:13
4th of July Weekend


Join us this Sunday for a unique unplugged worship experience at our usual location, Brooke Elementary School. Bring along your favorite lawn chair or blanket as we all worship on the gym court. We’ll also be wrapping up our Juicy Fruit series with a watermelon bash! Set-up will be minimal so that we can enjoy the holiday weekend!