Things I Wish Jesus Never Said


Jesus said some difficult things … like plucking out your eye, drinking blood, being perfect and so on. Some truths in the Bible are difficult to understand and others are just plain difficult to live out. Join us as we wrestle the hard sayings of Jesus.

February 8 – “Eat My Flesh, Drink My Blood”

Okay, not literally … but what does it mean to be truly united with Christ? 
John 6:53-59

February 15 – “Go and Make Disciples”

Reflecting on the Great Commission and assessing our current efforts.
Matthew 28:16-20


February 22 – “Be Like Me. Be Perfect”

Figuring out how to live when Jesus raises the bar. 
Matthew 5:20-28, 48, Romans 3:21-22

March 1 – “77 Times” 

From whom do you need forgiveness & whom must you forgive?
Matthew 18:21-35
Friend Sunday
Potluck Luncheon following service


March 8 – “He Said What about Hell?”

Why does a loving God allow people to suffer in Hell?
Luke 16:19-31, Matthew 23:15, 2 Peter 3:9