GOD is >

God is >* .. If you or someone you love has been touched by a disease like cancer or experienced the pain of rejection, God has a word of hope for you! Discover how the prayer of faith releases God's power-- overcoming fear, healing disease, forgiving sin, and even adding life to your years! In this series, we’ll discover how God’s greater than all the ugly, scary, and painful things in our lives! 

* ( ">" is the mathematical symbol for "greater than")


October 19 – "God is > Sickness & Disease (Part 1)"

Discover how passionate prayer cured the king's cancer & added 15 years to his life!

2 Kings 20:1-7 (Hezekiah)



October 26 – "God is > Sickness & Disease (Part 2)"

Does God still heal sickness & disease? Learn how!

Matthew 9:35-36, Matthew 8


November 2 – "God is > Physical Disability"

Hear about the first miraculous healing in the Early Church!

Acts 3:1-10, 12, 16


November 9 – "God is > Me"

Submitting to and living for our God in humility and reverence.

John 3:30


November 16 – "God is > My Addictions"

Biblical steps to identifying and overcoming addiction in our lives.

Romans 7:15-25


November 23 – "God is > Sin & Evil"

Turning to God during time of testing and temptation.