He's an average Joe who faces many of the same hardships which you and I deal with in our own lives. But he's not alone. His God is anything but ordinary! This summer join us for the story of Joseph - yes, the one with the amazing colorful dreamcoat! Joseph's story is one packed with lessons but also points to Jesus as God provides for the family that would bring forth the Messiah.

July 20 - "Dreamer"

Genesis 37:1-12
A colorful coat, a dream, a pit, a slave. This begins the story of Joseph.


July 27 - "Family Struggles"

Genesis 37: 12-36

Responses,  Reactions, and Remorse.


August 3 - "The Purity Test"

Genesis 39
Hot tips for resisting sexual temptation in an oversexed culture.


August 10 - "Forgotten"

Genesis 39:19-41:1
Do you feel all alone? Ever feel like everyone's moved on without you? When life's unfair, God remains faithful. Discover your Friend in the dip of life.  


August 17 - "Only God"

Genesis 41
There are moments in life when it seems the only appropriate response is "Only God…" Whether it's a transformation, a come-back, a miracle, or a turn-around of epic proportions, let's not forget that God can still do the impossible!


August 24 - "Oh, Brother!"

Genesis 42-44
Fun with some family pranks. See God unfolding His plan in humorous ways.


August 31 - "The Big Reveal-God's Great Plan"

Genesis 45


September 7 - "Grouped for Life Change"

Acts 2:42-47

Meet new friends, be encouraged, and have fun in Daybreak's new Life Groups launching in October! You may be one community away from experiencing life transformation!


September 14 – "Connect, Grow, Shine"

Ephesians 2:19, 2 Peter 3:18, Matthew 5:14-15, 1 Peter 4:10

Be inspired with fresh vision to move from spectating to participating at Daybreak Church in these three specific ways – connect, grow, shine! Sign up for a Life Group and change your life!