Life can be up one minute and down the next creating a myriad of emotions. There’s an ancient soundtrack for life called "Psalms" and though it was released thousands of years ago, it’s still relevant to today’s culture. People today still resonate with each track and are inspired by its messages of hope. So grab your ear buds and hit play. This is "Psalms."

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Worship Guide

October 27 - "Fright Night"

Finding peace when we’re afraid.

Psalm 55

Fear is a natural reaction to some situations, but we can find peace by calling out to God, surrendering to Him what we cannot control, and choosing to walk in faith.



November 3 - "When Everything Goes Dark"

Learning to push through depressing times.

Psalm 88

The Psalms show us how we can find hope even in the darkest times. When depression sets in, we must look to God for hope, seek community, and look to Him for an eternal perspective.

November 10 - "Ha!"

Learning to rejoice in every circumstance.

Psalm 33

We’ll look at ways to rejoice in every area of life, because joy stems from knowing what God has done in our past, His plan for our present, and His power over our future.

November 17 - "Revenge"

Learning to forgive when you really want to fight back.

Psalm 137

God doesn’t expect us to pretend our vengeance isn’t real. He does expect us to resist the temptation to return evil for evil, to work for reconciliation, and to overcome evil with good.

November 24 - "The Attitude of Gratitude"

Learning to be thankful for all things at any place and any time.

Psalm 136

No matter what our circumstances, we can, and should, live a thankful life. This can happen when we’re convinced of God’s love for us in creation, through our salvation history, and through His current provision for us.


December 1 - "Recalculating"

Learning how to make wise decisions when the path ahead is unclear.

Psalm 19

How can we determine God’s will for our lives? When we feel uncertain, we must listen for God’s voice in creation, look for His direction in the Bible, ask for His conviction in our hearts, and then forge ahead with confidence.

December 8 - "Every Breath"

Learning how and why to praise God at any place, any time, and in all ways.

Psalm 150

We should praise God no matter what we are going through. So long as we have breath, praise God for who He is and what He does, in any and every possible way.