Deeper Bible Understanding: "Paraphrase It"

Hi Daybreak Friends,

This past Sunday night in our Life Group at the Den we had a wonderful time learning about another aspect of the devotional Bible study method from Rick Warren's 40 Days In the Word study series. It’s called "Paraphrase it" and this week as we read through the book of James, there are selected verses in our workbook that we are to read several times, and then write out in our own words. The point is, we don’t really understand the Bible until we can say it in our own words. So far this week, I’ve found this to be true and I’ve really enjoyed it--getting carried away at points. I hope you all are enjoying the study/series so far this summer and that your times in God’s Word are encouraging and challenging to you.

Today, I thought I’d share my paraphrase from the past two days with you. Ever heard of the DHT version of the Bible? It’s the Dave Hakes Translation: J

Day 22 of 40 Days In the Word:  James 1:2-4

"Smile and take delight when I face a variety of difficulties, when things don't necessarily go my way, when things don't work right... because these situations stimulate perseverance. And I need to let this perseverance play all the way out in my life. I need to see the problems through to resolution either in the situation or in my own life so that I become a more mature and rounded person that God can use. If I resist short circuiting God's development of perseverance or endurance in my life then I will see my maturity meter escalate. So Dave, don't skirt around the difficult issues, don't quit at halftime, don't avoid or chicken out of adversity. Hang in there. Keep going. Depend mightily on God and press on! Maturity doesn't happen overnight."

Day 23 of 40 Days In the Word:   James 1:19-20

"I need to write this down and never forget it. I need big ears to listen to God and to others. Then I need a mouth that is closed and when it needs to speak, it's incredibly slow to form the words and respond. Perky ears but a 'slow as molasses' mouth. Then I also need to be so hesitant and awkwardly slow at becoming angry. It should take me days to get worked up about the wrong things instead of seconds because with time also comes perspective, reflection, and God's power to calmly handle angry thoughts and feelings. Because my human anger at the wrong things doesn't produce more of Jesus in me. Speed is key. Fast ears, slow tongue, slow Hulk-like outbursts."

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Pastor Dave

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