Let the credits roll - Mother's Day Service

I recently saw the blockbuster hit, Iron Man 3 with my neighbor. I have to admit, I really enjoy these Avenger guys! We thoroughly enjoyed the action-packed explosive thriller! I give it 3 ½ Bibles out of 5. What can I say – I’m a pastor. When the movie concluded, the credits began to splash onto the screen as highlights from the film accompanied with the thumping music kept our attention. With a crescendo, that all eventually came to an end. The music softened and the credits scrolled up the screen in traditional black and white style. As I gathered my belongings, I noticed that my neighbor wasn’t moving and didn’t seem interested in leaving just yet. I said, “Well, are you ready to go?” He insisted that we wait until the credits were over just in case there was an extra scene or preview of the next Marvel movie. I was like, ‘oh I highly doubt there will be anything at the end of this never-ending scroll. If there were bloopers or any extras it would’ve played before these boring credits. The movie is over man! Let’s go!’ He didn’t budge. 

So … we sat there and watched the credits roll on and on and on. It was like watching paint dry. Have you ever watched a movie all the way to end? Don’t. Even the custodians don’t wait … they get in and start cleaning and prepping the theater for the next showing. Well, here we are staring at the credits. And I got to admit, I couldn’t believe so many people had worked on this movie. There were probably a thousand names that briefly appeared. 

Then I had this thought… a great project like this takes a massive team effort. It takes lots of people with different gifts and skills each performing with excellence to help make a fabulous movie. It could be a big part or a small part, in front of the camera or behind the camera – everyone’s role in important. And at the end of the movie – their efforts were recognized and there were at least two people who saw it!


Last Sunday on Mother’s Day at Daybreak was one of those days when I realized how many of my friends at Daybreak play a part and serve with excellence whether it’s up front or behind the scenes. If you’ll indulge me … I’d like to roll the credits from Sunday. I apologize in advance - I know I’ll forget someone! 

  • John – worship leader guy, service planner, brunch coordinator, set-up/tear down leader
  • Nate – drummer extraordinaire
  • Kent – guitar player, set-up/tear down help, exceptional connector with people
  • Matt – sweet riffs on the electric guitar
  • Christina – supplied power vocals, coordinator of 1st Impressions
  • Tammy, Jeff, Phil, Mike – gifted teachers in KidZone
  • Mike & Mary Grace – purchased THE DONUTS and other supplies at Giant, coffee baristas, refreshment set-up/clean-up
  • Lorraine – refreshment set-up/clean-up, provided tea bags  
  • Jamie H. – set-up/clean-up of information and resource tables, friendly greeter
  • Neil, Jay, Jeff – set-up/tear down, drove truck, power lifters, first to come – last to leave
  • Bev – fabulous floral arranger, gathered flowers and vases and made beautiful centerpieces, recorded and provided spectacular worship background videos  
  • Jamie M – interior decorator, beautified the cafeteria round tables, gathered brunch supplies at Costco, provided extra tea cups, planned and executed with precision
  • Janet & Linda – sandwich makers, bread slicers
  • Darlene – folded all worship programs, organization of KidZone tables, coordinator of children’s ministries, hall monitor (security, prayer, and Bible verse listener)
  • Kathy – loaned us two beautiful glass water and lemonade dispensers
  • Phil – wrote and shared his Faith Story with the congregation
  • Dan – created info slides, loaded accurate info into Media Shout and clicked through it during the service on the laptop  
  • Tim – the sound guy, turned the right knobs and sliders to make the service sound incredible, DJ, made CD’s available, helped with set-up/tear down


Thanks for all you guys do to make Daybreak such an inviting and bright place for us to connect with God and others. What a team! It takes many people to pull off a service like the one on Sunday. Bravo!


“Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to Your name goes all the glory for your unfailing love and faithfulness. Psalm 115:1


Oh and in case you are wondering … there was a bonus scene at the very end of the credits featuring Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Dr. Banner (Hulk)!


-Pastor Dave


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