The Bible brought to life . . . for your life

Everyone loves a great story! The Bible tells a compelling and life-changing story that many have heard, some have read, but few have actually experieinced. During the month of March at Daybreak, we will be offering you several ways to experience the Bible story - perhaps for the first time! See how your story intersects with God's story!


Choose from these opportunities!  


1. Listen to the Sunday Message Series, "The Story"


Join us for all 5 Sundays in March at the Spring-Ford High School at 10 AM for this life changing series culminating on Easter Sunday, March 31st! Experience the Bible stories you know told like never before with thought-provoking sermons and stunning video clips from the TV miniseries. 


2. Watch the TV miniseries "The Bible" airing on the History Channel on Sunday nights.


Check your local TV service provider for specific channels and alternate viewing times. This series, produced by Roma Downey & Mark Burnett is 10-hours, will be airing in five parts, and will cover the major stories of the Bible - bringing them to life on the screen. The final episode, on Easter Sunday evening, March 31, features the death and resurrection of Jesus. 


3. Reflect daily on the Bible using a handy study guide.


Daybreak Church is providing the companion study guide "The Bible: 30-Day Experience," by Bob Hostetler free of charge! Ask for your copy this Sunday or by calling the church office at 610.489.8080. On each day of this 30-day study you will have a short Bible reading along with reflection questions for you to think about and space provided to record your thoughts. 


4. Join a Bible Discussion Group on Sunday Evenings.


You are invited to connect with others in thoughtful inquiry, discussion, and prayer by joining a discussion group at the Daybreak Den on March 3, 10, 17, 24 and on Good Friday, March 29 (hours vary, check the Calendar for details). This group is going to be facilitated by Kent & Darlene Tyson. They will be using the weekly discussion guide found in the "The Bible: 30-Day Experience," mentioned above. 

I really hope that you will choose one of these opportunties, dig in, and experience the story of the Bible like never before! It might just change your life as God continues to write your story! 


Joy & Blessings,

Pastor Dave

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