Rich in Love

This past Sunday, Matt Redman won a Grammy award for his song, “10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord).” We’ve used this song in our worship celebrations at Daybreak. It’s a fantastic expression of praise and I personally enjoy worshipping God with this particular song. There’s a phrase in this song that goes like this, “You’re rich in love and You’re slow to anger.” This description of God is recorded all through Scripture. Psalm 103:8 is one example: “The LORD is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love.” Without getting too theological or bogged down here, this is an attribute of God that just amazes me! God is just and intolerant of sin yet He is full of love and grace. His fuse is incredibly long. How do I know this? He puts up with me!


How about us? Can we make an effort with the help of God’s Spirit in us to be people that are rich in love and slow to get angry? People who extend grace to others, not impatient frustration, rage, and rudeness. The latter seems to be the norm in our culture, work environments, and even families … just react, vent, give people what they deserve, complain, assume the worst … No. God says, when it comes to anger, take your time like I do … be long-suffering, slow to get angry, assume the best!


I’ve been so impressed recently with many of my friends at Daybreak who have demonstrated rich love toward others. To single out one couple, Phil & Linda … thanks for your genuine concern, compassion, love and care for Steve during these last couple of months! I’ve been blown away by your selfless acts of love. It’s truly been impressive and even contagious! You’ve abounded in love and are a wonderful example for us. Let’s be a church of people that is slow to anger but quick to forgive, quick to love, and quick to extend grace just like our God (Jonah 4:2).


Pastor Dave

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