Top 10 Mistakes Married People Make

Top 10 Mistakes Married People Make

October 7 - December 9, 2012


We all need good tools to build a great marriage. "The Top 10 Mistakes Married People Make" is a teaching series focused on helping you avoid detours on the road to a healthy, happy marriage. Comeout each week to learn important information that will help you to strengthen or save the marriage you already have or prepare you for one that may be in your future.

Scripture Basis ... Genesis 1-3 & Plenty of Others

This series is being conducted in concert with other Royersford-area Churches:

October 7 - Mistake 1: Saying "I do" too early and "I don't" too soon


Compatibility in 4 areas - Spiritual, Character, Communication and Physical; In Genesis there was not a suitable mate for man. Suitable speaks to 'compatibility'.


October 14 - Mistake 2: Assuming Never Will Ever Happen

This is the idea about not guarding something when you think it will never happen to you - taking each other for granted; believing at the altar that everything will always be perfect; no sickness, no death, no job loss, no divorce, no affair, no whatever.

October 21 - Commitment Sunday - Capital Campaign


October 28 - Mistake 3: Not Saying What Needs to Be Said

Lessons in communication


November 4:

Mistake 4: Failing to Keep Romance Alive

This keys off of taking one another for granted and not continuing the things you did before marriage after you say I do.


Mistake 5: Fearing Instead of Trusting

This is an introduction to Harley's 'Love Bank' idea and lesson on building trust through honesty and openness


November 11 - Mistake 6: Failing to Meet His/Her Needs

Universally men and women have 5 basic needs each. Although not all men/women will have these same universal needs they still have needs that spouses should know and help to meet. When these needs are not met affairs can begin.


November 18 - Mistake 7: Failing to Understand Life & Debt

Money is a huge problem w/couples and we often don't know how to handle it before we get married




December 2 - Mistake 8: Fighting Unfairly


December 9 - Mistake 10: Missing the Secret to a Healthy Marriage

The longer we stay married the better it gets-- when Christ is center.